Indian Gardens, Grand Canyon


In June 2004 we spent a weekend at Indian Gardens, 4.5 miles by trail below the Grand Canyon South Rim, hosted by friends Larry and Ellen. Larry, who is an engineer in charge of the South Rim water pump house, is one of a very few that has a residence below the Grand Canyon rim. Larry and his wife Ellen, a former Grand Canyon ranger, shared their considerable knowledge of the area while we explored historic ruins, enjoyed sunrises overlooking the Colorado River, and relaxed at Larry's Indian Garden residence.

(s = 35mm, m=6x7 Medium Format, l=4x5 Large Format, d=digital)


On the lower left you can see four residences. Our destination is the far left house. This picture
was taken with a zoom lens from the South Rim. (d)



Our weekend home at Indian Gardens. To get here, we hiked from the rim seen on the upper left. (d)



On the following morning, we had breakfast before heading out for our hike. (d)



We hiked out to Plateau Point, another 1.5 miles past Indian Gardens to catch sunrise,
which begins to light the South Rim. (d)



Looking the other way, we can see the end of the Plateau Point trail where the rails are. (d)



A large format picture of a Southern view from Plateau Point. (l)



Standing at the edge of Plateau Point, the Colorado can be seen below. (d)



A nearby cave, offering views to the East. The old Bright Angel Trail can be seen to the right. This trail is now
lightly used as most hikers follow a newer path. At center is an ancient (Anasazi?) grainary. (d)



Sunrise lights the Plateau. (d)



An ancient grainary on the center right. To get here, we had to climb off trail to reach this ledge,
far above the ground to the left. Some of the ruins we observed were in remarkably good shape,
with nearby pieces of painted clay pot remains and arrow heads in the ground (d)



Another shot of historical ruins. (d)



Back at Larry's residence, we enjoy a very comfortable environment after a day of exploring.
The computer on the right is used to electronically manage the pump house, which provides
water for the Grand Canyon's South Rim Village. (d)



After a day of hiking, enjoying the sunset from Larry's porch. What a view! (d)

2010 John Miranda