A few favorite pictures of Greece taken during a trip in May 2009.



Acropolis in early evening, Athens.



Oia, Santorini.



Afternoon in Oia.


Early morning in Oia, Santorini.



Oia, Santorini.



Oia, Santorini.



Oia, Santorini.



Enjoying the view, Santorini.



Candle lit dinner, Santorini



Oia, Santorini.



Colorful entry way, Santorini



One of many street dogs, living life on the edge, Santorini.


Greek dog, no doubt guarding the house.


A medieval village blends into the mountainside, in a quieter Greek island near Turkey.



An empty beach to enjoy the clear Aegean Sea.



Road side monument above the Aegean.



One of my favorite restaurants during my visit, high above the ocean, located in a very secluded village.



...and the food...



Temple of Poseidon built around 440 BC, in Cape Sounio.



Temple of Poseidon.



Detail - Temple of Zeus, began 6th Century BC and completed 2nd Century AD.



Room vith a view, Santorini.



View of Caledera, Santorini.



© 2009 John Miranda